The yard decorations are the property of Making Memories Yard Cards.  For everyone’s Safety PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW:  Anyone to sit, stand or lean on the lawn decorations. PLEASE keep pets away from the display.   PLEASE DO NOT remove or rearrange any of the

Please contact someone in the household and let them know that the surprise is coming.  Explain the Rental Agreement rules because you are still responsible for the lawn decorations.

Please keep all pets inside during set up.

Water your lawn the morning of set up.  This will make your lawn soft and allow our stakes to penetrate easier.  If possible have your lawn already mowed. (This will make for a better presentation and less chance of ruining our decorations).



We will deliver and set up your MEMORY where you want it located.

Please make sure to include the correct address where you want your MEMORY delivered.

Please also include as much detail about the house as we will be arriving late at night or early in the morning: color, trees, driveway, mailbox, etc. as well as the position you would like: to the left of the driveway or in front of the walkway centered with the front door.

We deliver at 5:00pm on weekdays and as early as 7:00am on weekends. If you would like to choose your time please let us know and we can see if it’s possible.

Please make sure pets are not outside during set up time.

 If you live in a gated community please make sure they know we are coming and give us the access code.

*What separates us from other businesses is that you can choose if you would like to keep your yard card memory for 24 or 48 hours*

We will be back to remove it sometime between 24-48 hours of your choice.



If for any reason you need to cancel your MEMORY
please let us know.

*48 hours in advance is recommended + you will get
a full refund.

*24 hours in advance + you will get ½ refund.

If you would like to change the date to a future booking we can keep your deposit and you may call us when you know the changed date or submit another request. But please remember to let us know ASAP based on our availability and inventory.



In the event of severe or unsafe weather we may not
be able to set up your MEMORY. In this case we will call you and ask if you would like a full refund or to choose a different date and we can hold your deposit.


Algonac, Almont, Anchor Bay, Armada Twp, Capac, Chesterfield, Clinton Twp, Columbus, Dryden, Emmett, Fraser, Goodells, Harrison Twp, Imlay City, Lakeville, Lake Orion, Leonard, Macomb Twp, Marine City, Marysville, Memphis, Metamora, New Baltimore, Oxford, Ray Twp, Richmond, Rochester, Romeo, Shelby Twp, Sterling Heights, St. Clair, Troy, Utica, Warren, Washington Twp, & Yale.